Hi, I’m Solape

An entrepreneur, writer, powerhouse speaker, philanthropist and an unwavering optimist committed to helping BAME (Black Asian Minority Ethnic) entrepreneurs build successful businesses beyond their imagination

Business Executive with over 12 years of professional experience across industries and niches

Solape Fayemi is an enthusiastic, active, goal-oriented business executive with over 12 years of experience building organisations across diverse industries and niches.

She started her career as an associate editor with Utv Media, Lagos, Nigeria. Her diligence and commitment to the company’s growth earned her leadership role as Head of Marketing in a short period

She’s a visionary leader who has demonstrated an unrivalled ability to identify opportunities and transform them into thriving ventures. A true trailblazer, with an incredible work ethic and adventurous mind. She has fearlessly pursued her passions, turning innovative ideas into successful businesses.

She’s a writer who engages the power of the written word to convey compelling narratives and inspire others through her exceptional literary creations. Whether crafting thought-provoking articles, publishing books, or engaging readers with insightful blog posts, her writing effortlessly resonates with diverse audiences, from entrepreneurs to parents and children.

A lover of music, art and travel whose core value revolves around God and his undeniable greatness and excellence, which is reflected through the beauty of nature, the intelligence of animals and the limitless potential of humans.

Solape is the CEO of Sohcahtoa Innovative Limited, United Kingdom. The founder of My CEO tribe, a business community helping entrepreneurs build successful businesses beyond their imagination.

Driven by a genuine desire to impact the world positively, she Co-founded Sohcahtoa Foundation, an NGO that tackles hunger and a lack of education in underserved communities in Africa. Sohcahtoa Foundation has touched countless lives through its programs, empowering underprivileged communities, supporting education initiatives, and fostering sustainable development

Solape is an ardent reader who firmly believes that our words shape our world. This led her to write a children’s book of affirmation to help children shape their mindset about themselves from an early age.

As a graduate of the Oxford Executive Leadership Programme and a certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Solape combines knowledge with passion in her journey to create change.

Solape’s interest in Information Technology and its continuous advancement, combined with her value of constant learning and never-ending improvement, led her to enrol as an undergraduate in Information Technology at Arden University, United Kingdom. She sees the potential for IT to transform lives and industries and is eager to be at the forefront of this change.

Solape believes strongly that no matter how little or great, you’re gifted and talented enough to make a difference in the world.

“Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness.”

Oprah Winfrey

“Passion may get your business started, it is mostly knowledge and resilience that sustains it”

– Solape Fayemi